The Detox Answer Home Page

You want to clean out harmful toxins from your body?

- toxins caused by ill health, addictive drugs or alcohol
- toxins caused by unhealthy food and drink

You’ve heard about a ‘natural detox’ but will it really help?

- is a detox more than just a bit of special food hype?

Yes! You CAN accelerate your own health process naturally

- you can clear toxins from your body naturally
- you can recover your energy and vitality

You can use the latest nutritional information to get healthy

- your new nutritionally rich food supercharges your healing
- knowing what to eat and when puts you in charge of your health

THE DETOX ANSWER is your best guide to improved health

- you get a clear ‘natural detox’ path to follow
- you get exact information on what to eat

Please visit my blog, to see my latest information regarding natural detox.
I had an extreme health emergency, advanced ovarian cancer. Wonderful doctors treated me successfully with potent but toxic drugs. Now I wanted a toxin free body AND I wanted to stay healthy. Natural detoxing cleansed my body quickly and what I learnt has kept me healthy. If you suffer ill health, don't feel good in your body or are recovering from addiction I know you can detox successfully because I did.
Go for it!